Monday, May 5, 2008

Turkey Anyone

Turkey hunting was such a blast! Ben and I had one of the best weekends up here since we moved, I think manly because I shot my first Turkey. I had a hard time at first trying to stay still; I was sitting on the ground leaning against the tree being attacked by red ants and hungry mosquitoes. In the late morning a turkey came in and boom I shot it. I was in such shock that I had actually hit the thing that Ben had to finish it off. I had shot a kill shot but Turkey’s are strong and that thing actually got up and tried to run. Thanks babe for helping me. Even though Ben shot a bigger turkey this weekend I think he was more excited for me because this was my first successful hunt.

Ben's Monster turkey

By the way Ben and I tried the turkey last night and much to my surprise it tasted just like the turkey you buy in the store. I was so determined that since it was a wild turkey it would taste different. Silly Me

Tulip Festival

Ben's mom was in town for her Birthday and we decided to take her to the tulip festival here in Washington. Tulips as far as the eye could see. We had such a wonderful time with Mary and can’t wait for her to come back. Here are some photos of our fun weekend together.

Deceptions Pass