Friday, September 12, 2008


For the past couple of weeks we have been on vacation. Our vacation started out in Colorado, Ben had a conference at Keystone ski resort so we decided we would go up early and play before the conference. This place is very beautiful we had tons of fun kayaking, mountain biking, swimming and playing Frisbee golf. While Ben was working during the week I pampered myself and had a massage, relaxed by the pool shopped. Here are some pictures.

Don't you love the lifejacket?

The view from our room.

Hiking in Keystone.

Great shot!

After five wonderful days we headed back to Seattle for two days to take Bow to the vet and pack for our next trip. We flew into Utah and drove down to Lake Powell, it was such a blast. The weather was perfect the water was perfect and the company was great. Ben’s mom, sister and her family along with a couple of friends all came down. We did a lot of fishing, swimming, and wake boarding and just about anything else you would do at Lake Powell. What a great time I can’t wait for next year.

She is so cute!