Thursday, June 26, 2008

Poor Bow!

Our dog Bow has had a bit of bad luck. On Saturday Ben, Jordan and I were four wheeling with the Ranger, Bow was sitting in the back of the bed and on our way back to the truck he was bounced out and shattered his Femur. I was driving and tried to avoid a bump so he wouldn’t be tossed out and instead turned to hard and threw him out. We knew the minute he hit the ground that he hurt something, he was crying and trying to stand up. We made it to the Vet about an hour and half later to find out he shattered his femur and was going to need surgery. He had the surgery on Monday; the surgeon had to insert three plates and about a dozen pins to hold it together. He is hoping he won’t need any more surgeries but only time will tell. We were able to bring him home yesterday and he is resting and recuperating. He is in it for the long haul he won’t even be able to use his leg for another 12 weeks. To top off the whole weekend when Ben went to pick up Bow after the accident bow nipped him in the ear, we took him to the hospital after bow and they cleaned him up and taped it back on. I feel awful for what happened and praying for a speedy recovery for both my boys.

Ben's Poor ear

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

100 Things

Lauren tagged me so here are my 100 random facts about me. Hope you enjoy!

1. I Love to cook and I watch Food Network all the time.
2. I am going to school for paralegal and will finish in January.
3. I love to window shop and go about three times a week.
4. My favorite color to wear is either black or white, but I am trying to branch out.
5. I am an aunt to three beautiful girls and I believe that they are the cutest in the world.
6. I love going back to Utah to visit and play with my nieces.
7. I love hunting and fishing especially fishing and I go with my husband all the time.
8. I could fish all day, I love going on Puget Sound and fish for dog shark.
9. I am afraid of the Ocean
10. I love Lake Powell.
11. I love my Sirus radio and listen to either Country or Fox News channel
12. I love Country Music.
13. I hope to one day open up my own business as either a party planner or a Met market.
14. I love to clean my house and find it very relaxing.
15. I hate spiders and make my husband kill any that I see
16. I love to talk on the phone
17. I talk to my mom and sister at least twice a day every day.
18. I tell my mom all my problems because she always makes me feel better.
19. I had some anxiety changing my name at first, but love that I did.
20. Starbucks coffee is my favorite
21. Yellow is my favorite color anything yellow makes me happy.
22. I can’t wait to be a mom
23. I would love to live international.
24. I miss is going to Trolley Wing Company with the girls.
25. I have the greatest friends in the whole world and miss them so much.
26. I like to watch TV after a long day
27. I like to be in control and know what is going on at all times.
28. I am very nosey and will stop a conversation to listen to what people are talking about.
29. I love to people watch anywhere I go.
30. I love going to weddings and watching how happy people are.
31. I love sitting outside to think
32. I really like to hike it is so rewarding when you have reached the top.
33. I love watching football but only watch it sometimes because Ben hates it.
34. I have been a Green Bay fan forever.
35. Last year was my first time going to a professional football game and plan on going every year with my dad.
36. I love the smell of rain when it is hot outside
37. I always want people to be happy.
38. I hate conflict and will avoid it at all costs.
39. I am a pleaser
40. I am not a big chocolate fan, but I love gummy bears.
41. I don’t hang up the phone without saying I Love You.
42. I love the sound of little kids laughing, it brightens my day.
43. I quit my job last year to go to school full time.
44. I love Ice cream especially Cold Stone Cheese cake ice cream with strawberries.
45. I want to live in Park City when we move back.
46. I feel safe when bow my dog is by my side.
47. I love love love when people come to visit me in Washington.
48. I like showing people a good time when they come to town.
49. I am addicted to reading people’s blogs and get on at least two times a day to see what is new in people’s lives.
50. I love hot weather, the hotter the better.
51. It makes me mad that we are in the middle of June and it is still cold in Washington.
52. I love to swim and use to be a lifeguard.
53. I always worry that I am not a good wife.
54. I have to sleep on Ben’s side of the bed when he is out of town.
55. I have to always answer my cell phone and feel bad when I miss calls.
56. I check my e-mail at least three times a day.
57. I hold in all of my feelings until I feel like I am going to explode.
58. I love strawberries and eat them almost every day.
59. Ben and I really love our dog and spoil him rotten.
60. I hate spending money on myself but love buying people gifts.
61. I am addicted to Chap Stick.
62. I have just recently started to like fish and crave it all the time.
63. I love plain cheerios
64. I love bowling and use to be on a bowling team.
65. I love pedicures and feel like every woman needs them.
66. I hate being late to things and get really anxious when I am late.
67. I love my GPS and hate going anywhere without it, even if I know where I am going.
68. I get excited about the littlest things.
69. I painted my whole house and feel that I am pretty good at it.
70. I love fresh cut flowers and have them in my home all the time.
71. I love going to the farmers market and getting fresh produce.
72. I eat Mexican food at least twice a week
73. I could eat Olive Garden’s breadsticks and salad every day.
74. I eat bread with almost every meal and crave it all the time.
75. I am very shy when I first meet people, but once I get to know them I will talk there ear off. 76. I have a hard time making friends, but once I do they are friends for life.
77. I love broccoli and cheese soup
78. When I see someone cry it makes me want to cry and I think about it all day
79. I hate scary movies
80. My favorite TV shows are all the CSIs and Law and Orders.
81. I love to watch mysteries on True TV
82. Summer is my favorite season; it means flip flops and long hot days.
83. My best friend is my sister and miss her so much
84. I hope to build my own house one day.
85. Ben and I have a five year plan.
86. I have to write down my goals for the week or I don’t get anything done.
87. Ben and I sit down monthly to see what we have achieved on our yearly goals.
88. I love paying the bills; it makes me feel like I am contributing to the family.
89. I am not good at taking shots and gag every time I take one.
90. My favorite beer is Bud Light and Bud Light with Lime.
91. Ben and I feed the squirrels in our back yard.
92. I am going whale watching this summer.
93. I love spending time with my family and miss the family parties.
94. My favorite holiday is Christmas and my Birthday
95. I would love to travel the world
96. Ben and I love going to movies
97. If I had to pick between sweets and bread I would always choose bread.
98. I look up to Casey and Annie’s relationship, they always seem so happy.
99. I love taking pictures, but I am bad about printing them.
100. I feel like I have the best life.

I tag Annie love ya!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Sturgeon Fishing with Jordan

Ben’s younger brother Jordan came up to Washington for his birthday this past weekend. We had so much fun while he was up here. On Friday we went Sturgeon fishing on the Columbia River. Now I have heard Sturgeon can get really big, but I never knew how big. Jordan hooked an over sized Sturgeon and it took him just over an hour to bring it in and when he did I about had a heart attack that thing was so big. The pictures posted don’t give it justice. Our guide estimated that the fish was between 8 to 9 feet long and about 450 pounds, it is estimated that they live up to 250 years. Good job Jordan.

The beginning of the fight.

This is once Jordan pulled it to the surface

Way to go Jordan

Ugly thing

Jordan was not the only one fishing that day Ben and I pulled in our fair share, but nothing as big as Jordan’s. I can say that these things like to fight I had a hard time pulling in the 38 incher I hooked.

Ben and I caught one at the same time

The greatest husband!

Ben and Jordan

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Okay so as most of you know Ben and I love our Dog Bow and most of you know I hate how much he sheds. A couple of months ago Ben and I were at a Hunting show and I saw a brush for dogs that is suppose to reduce shedding up to 90%. I wanted that thing so bad, but Ben said he could get me one for much cheaper. So last week Ben was putting in an order for Cabela's and being the husband that he is ordered me my FURminator. Well it came yesterday and I tested it out and to my surprise it works wonderful. I could have brushed Bow all day and still got hair. I love this thing; I brushed out so much hair I thought he was going bald. If any of you have shedding dogs or cats I highly recommend it. Here are some pictures.

It may not look like much, but it filled up half of a grocery sack

The Greatest tool!

My cute dog after being brushed