Friday, August 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Princess Lucy

Happy Birthday Lucy!
Tomorrow our beautiful niece turns 3. She has such a funny personality, I love that you like to dress up like a pretty princess and go out fishing. We hope you birthday is everything you dreamed of.
Love you
Uncle Ben, Aunt Brittney & Bow

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fun Couple of Weeks!

The past couple of weeks have been so much fun. My parents came out to visit us and I must say we had a great time laughing and exploring Washington. On Friday we decided to take them fishing for Salmon and dog shark. We had a great time my dad was definitely the winner on the most caught fish, he caught about a dozen sharks every time he would put his pole in the water he caught something. My mom decided not to fish and instead wanted to take pictures which she did and she ran out of battery early in the day. J At the end of the day right before we were going to get our crab pot, I landed my first ever Salmon I was so excited that I about passed out. I had always heard they were fighters, but I could barley hold the pole up. Once we got the fish in we headed back to the dock while my dad and Ben went to fetch the crab pot about an hour away. At the dock this nice guy who works for the DWR said he would clean the fish for me. I was happy about this because I probably would have gotten sick and passed out. After the boys got back we headed home to have my dad’s famous crab boil (famous to me anyways) and Ben cooked up the Salmon. The food was great and the Salmon was amazing.

My Huge Fish!

My mom holding the only Crab that we caught, as you can see it is missing a claw.

On Saturday we went down to the horse track to watch the horse's race. Neither Ben or I have ever been to a horse track and we were excited to see what it was like. With my Dad’s help he showed us the ropes and in no time we had the betting thing down except for Ben and I kept calling it voting and not betting but we were informed very quickly that we were betting and not voting (woops). My dad could see that we were sucking it up picking the horses as we kept losing so he sat with us and showed us the ropes, after that we started to actually win back some money. The very last race we all went in on one horse my dad had a feeling so we went for it, and guess what we won. I again forgot my camera and didn’t take any pictures. I sucked this weekend at taking pictures.

Thanks Mom and Dad for coming up, we had so much fun.

This last weekend Ben’s dad and his wife Cathie came up to visit. It was nice getting to know Cathie and we had a wonderful time. We decided that since last weekend was so much fun fishing we would take them. The weather was perfect, but the fishing not so much. Randy was the only one who caught anything and of course he caught two dog sharks together, when we pulled them up they were a tangled mess. The highlight of the afternoon was that Ben dropped his pole in the water we have never seen him move so fast to save his pole. He had his arm in the water before we even knew what was going on, after he grabbed it and we knew what had happened we laughed for quite a while.

The next day before we took them to the airport we went and hiked the falls. It was so amazing and a lot of fun. I can't believe how beautiful the Waterfall is. It was quite humid but the hike was fun we messed around and had a wonderful time. At the bottom of the falls it so pretty and the spray from the waterfall felt really good.

Randy's awesome catch

My amazing jump! I'm ready for the olympics.

Reenacting how he dropped his pole in the water