Thursday, January 29, 2009

Great Husband!

I Just wanted to hurry and say I have the greatest husband in the world. Two weeks ago he came home from a business trip and informed me that he would be gone all the following week including the weekend. Knowing that I would be all by myself over the weekend, he called my sister and set up for her to come up and visit for the weekend so I wouldn't be by myself. I loved that he thought of me and I had a wonderful weekend with my sister. 

Love you babe

Thursday, January 22, 2009

4th Photo

Okay so I was tagged by Kathy, here you go Kathy 
Miss you
Ok here are the Rules....
Go to your album where you store your photos post your 4th photo in that album. No exceptions!!!

Here is my 4th picture, it is the day Paige my beautiful niece was born. Paige has such a cute little personality I have loved watching her grow this past year. She is always excited to see me when I come to visit she always has open arms and plenty of kisses. Love you Paige!

Okay now I get to tag four people and they are Lauren, Annie, Brandy, and my mom

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Making Sausage

So as many of you know Ben and I love to hunt. We decided last year that we would save up all of our duck and make sausage out of it. Yesterday Ben and I pulled out all of the duck and made homemade sausage. We had a blast grinding the meat and making the sausage, it was so nice spending the afternoon together learning something new. We decided that this is going to be a annual thing, can’t wait till next year… 

Clam digging!

I just have to start out and say I am one amazing clam digger. Ben, Jordan (Ben’s brother) and I went clam digging and although it was really cold and windy we still had a blast. I was amazing that night I dug up seven out of the nine we got. Ben thought he knew what he was doing and left me to do my own thing. Boy was Ben wrong I was pulling them up left and right. Jordan, you should have stayed with me. J I finally found something I can beat Ben at and have not let him forget it. Here are some pictures from that night.