Saturday, November 22, 2008

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Saturday I flew into Denver to meet up with my Dad, Annie and Casey to go to the Broncos game. Since the game was not until Sunday we thought it would be fun to go to the Coors plant and see how beer is made. Once we heard we would be getting free samples we were all pumped to go. The tour was really interesting and it was cool to see how the beer is made. I have to say Beer does taste better fresh.
On Sunday we headed to Invesco field early to see if there was any tailgating, much to our surprise they had lots going on. Annie and I decided we would show our love for the Broncos and get our faces painted. I was only a Broncos fan for one night, I still love my GREEN BAY. We had such a blast even though the Broncos lost maybe next game we go to the home team will win. Go Broncos or not.  

Standing outside the Coors plant

One of our free samples, our other samples were much bigger

This picture is so funny, it is a beer holder
Annie's huge Margarita! 

We are so cute

 Thanks guys I had a great weekend and can't wait till next year. 


For the Halloween holiday Ben and I decided to celebrate in style, well not really but we had a great night staying in and handing out big size candy bars. I decided to make homemade chili, cornbread, and sugar cookies that looked like pumpkins with all the works. I have to say the chili was yummy. Earlier in the day Ben and I carved pumpkins, we had such a blast. Ben decided this year he would carve something different so he choose a squash. Ben was so excited to have the kids come for candy, but for some reason we didn't have very many and Ben bought 60 big size candy bars. We have two boxes left, good thing I am not a huge chocolate fan or I would be in trouble. Ben is worried he is going to eat them all. 
I hope all had a great Halloween. 

This is Bow's pumpkin, we felt he needed his pumpkin carved.

Who would of thought I am this amazing 

Ben's squash, he has such a good imagination.