Tuesday, June 24, 2008

100 Things

Lauren tagged me so here are my 100 random facts about me. Hope you enjoy!

1. I Love to cook and I watch Food Network all the time.
2. I am going to school for paralegal and will finish in January.
3. I love to window shop and go about three times a week.
4. My favorite color to wear is either black or white, but I am trying to branch out.
5. I am an aunt to three beautiful girls and I believe that they are the cutest in the world.
6. I love going back to Utah to visit and play with my nieces.
7. I love hunting and fishing especially fishing and I go with my husband all the time.
8. I could fish all day, I love going on Puget Sound and fish for dog shark.
9. I am afraid of the Ocean
10. I love Lake Powell.
11. I love my Sirus radio and listen to either Country or Fox News channel
12. I love Country Music.
13. I hope to one day open up my own business as either a party planner or a Met market.
14. I love to clean my house and find it very relaxing.
15. I hate spiders and make my husband kill any that I see
16. I love to talk on the phone
17. I talk to my mom and sister at least twice a day every day.
18. I tell my mom all my problems because she always makes me feel better.
19. I had some anxiety changing my name at first, but love that I did.
20. Starbucks coffee is my favorite
21. Yellow is my favorite color anything yellow makes me happy.
22. I can’t wait to be a mom
23. I would love to live international.
24. I miss is going to Trolley Wing Company with the girls.
25. I have the greatest friends in the whole world and miss them so much.
26. I like to watch TV after a long day
27. I like to be in control and know what is going on at all times.
28. I am very nosey and will stop a conversation to listen to what people are talking about.
29. I love to people watch anywhere I go.
30. I love going to weddings and watching how happy people are.
31. I love sitting outside to think
32. I really like to hike it is so rewarding when you have reached the top.
33. I love watching football but only watch it sometimes because Ben hates it.
34. I have been a Green Bay fan forever.
35. Last year was my first time going to a professional football game and plan on going every year with my dad.
36. I love the smell of rain when it is hot outside
37. I always want people to be happy.
38. I hate conflict and will avoid it at all costs.
39. I am a pleaser
40. I am not a big chocolate fan, but I love gummy bears.
41. I don’t hang up the phone without saying I Love You.
42. I love the sound of little kids laughing, it brightens my day.
43. I quit my job last year to go to school full time.
44. I love Ice cream especially Cold Stone Cheese cake ice cream with strawberries.
45. I want to live in Park City when we move back.
46. I feel safe when bow my dog is by my side.
47. I love love love when people come to visit me in Washington.
48. I like showing people a good time when they come to town.
49. I am addicted to reading people’s blogs and get on at least two times a day to see what is new in people’s lives.
50. I love hot weather, the hotter the better.
51. It makes me mad that we are in the middle of June and it is still cold in Washington.
52. I love to swim and use to be a lifeguard.
53. I always worry that I am not a good wife.
54. I have to sleep on Ben’s side of the bed when he is out of town.
55. I have to always answer my cell phone and feel bad when I miss calls.
56. I check my e-mail at least three times a day.
57. I hold in all of my feelings until I feel like I am going to explode.
58. I love strawberries and eat them almost every day.
59. Ben and I really love our dog and spoil him rotten.
60. I hate spending money on myself but love buying people gifts.
61. I am addicted to Chap Stick.
62. I have just recently started to like fish and crave it all the time.
63. I love plain cheerios
64. I love bowling and use to be on a bowling team.
65. I love pedicures and feel like every woman needs them.
66. I hate being late to things and get really anxious when I am late.
67. I love my GPS and hate going anywhere without it, even if I know where I am going.
68. I get excited about the littlest things.
69. I painted my whole house and feel that I am pretty good at it.
70. I love fresh cut flowers and have them in my home all the time.
71. I love going to the farmers market and getting fresh produce.
72. I eat Mexican food at least twice a week
73. I could eat Olive Garden’s breadsticks and salad every day.
74. I eat bread with almost every meal and crave it all the time.
75. I am very shy when I first meet people, but once I get to know them I will talk there ear off. 76. I have a hard time making friends, but once I do they are friends for life.
77. I love broccoli and cheese soup
78. When I see someone cry it makes me want to cry and I think about it all day
79. I hate scary movies
80. My favorite TV shows are all the CSIs and Law and Orders.
81. I love to watch mysteries on True TV
82. Summer is my favorite season; it means flip flops and long hot days.
83. My best friend is my sister and miss her so much
84. I hope to build my own house one day.
85. Ben and I have a five year plan.
86. I have to write down my goals for the week or I don’t get anything done.
87. Ben and I sit down monthly to see what we have achieved on our yearly goals.
88. I love paying the bills; it makes me feel like I am contributing to the family.
89. I am not good at taking shots and gag every time I take one.
90. My favorite beer is Bud Light and Bud Light with Lime.
91. Ben and I feed the squirrels in our back yard.
92. I am going whale watching this summer.
93. I love spending time with my family and miss the family parties.
94. My favorite holiday is Christmas and my Birthday
95. I would love to travel the world
96. Ben and I love going to movies
97. If I had to pick between sweets and bread I would always choose bread.
98. I look up to Casey and Annie’s relationship, they always seem so happy.
99. I love taking pictures, but I am bad about printing them.
100. I feel like I have the best life.

I tag Annie love ya!


Lauren Ricci said...

I love your post! So many things I did and didn’t know about you. Thanks so much for sharing!

We miss you coming to the trolley too, and I always think of you when someone orders chips and salsa.

I totally will stop a conversation to listen to what others are saying. I think that’s why I am a blog and cyberstalker. I totally love knowing everything about everyone.

I would choose gummy bears over chocolate any day of the week.

You are an amazing wife and Ben is truly lucky to have you. I worry the same thing though about myself.

We just bought a GPS and I use mine to go everywhere. Laura had to yell at it because it kept interrupting her when we were driving to P.C.

I think P.C. would be a great place for you and Ben to live. You love the outdoors, it’s close to us, they put a Red Rock up there and Chubasco’s is up there! You will just have to venture down for wings and O.G. If I had known how much you love Olive Garden I would always have suggested that. When you come home we will have an O.G. night because I could eat there EVERYDAY!

Love you! I am trying to talk Mike into going up there soon. You really are the best hosts!

Casey & Becky said...

I have to say that I agree you have some amazing friends. I love the way Lauren comments even though 9 times out of 10 it makes me cry.

Jen said...

Wow, I could never think of that many things to write about me. I am not that exciting. That was fun to get to know you more!