Saturday, July 12, 2008

Deadliest Catch

Ben and I went fishing/crabbing for our one year anniversary. We only caught the bottom of the ocean and two crabs that we couldn’t keep. Even though we got stumped it was still fun to be out on the water spending time together. Thanks babe for such a wonderful year and can’t wait for the years ahead.

Pulling up the Crab pot

The awesome crab that we caught

This is the Sea Anemone I pulled up from the bottom of the sea
I made Ben hold it


Warners said...

You didn't make it sound as much like "Deadliest Catch" as Ben did. But I'm glad you had fun. I have always wanted to try that.

Lauren Ricci said...

Happy one year! I remember your wedding like it was yesterday and was so blessed to be a part of it. Even being this far away I can see how much you have grown as a couple over the past year. Can't wait to come spend some time in the SeaTac with you guys!

Loves you much!

So you think you can blog? said...

Ben looks so excited to be holding that crab. You two just have so much fun together and I'm glad you had such a wonderful one year. Your wedding was such a beautiful day and I'm honored that I was a part of it. Can't wait for many more years of marriage for you and Ben and friendship for all of us. Love ya both!

Melanie said...

Hi guys! Just wanted to stop by and say hello. I am excited to check out your blog and find out what you two have been killing lately Ü

Jen said...

Eewww! I dont know that I could hold that either!
Hey Brittney, It Jen, Tylers sister. Brandy told me you had a blog and I was excited to get to see it. Happy Anniversary! Enjoy this time you guys have together in the early part of your marriage. I wish Asher and I had been married longer before having kids.
Keep in touch. I look forward to reading more about your lifes adventures!