Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Yard Work!

While Ben was out of town a couple of weeks ago I thought it would be nice to get some yard work done so he didn’t have to do it over the weekend.  I guess I didn’t realize how hard it is to dig up grass, take down a fence and pull up blackberry bushes.  By the end of the week I thought I was going to die, yard work is hard and I was exhausted. When Ben came home all he had to help with was planting the flowers.  I must admit I am pretty proud of myself for doing all that hard work.

I didn’t take any pictures before but here is the end product.  

Bow, he loves being outside


Frau said...

Gorgeous! Are you still selling and moving?

Melanie said...

Your yard looks awesome. You can stop by any time and work on ours - it could use some attention from a professional!

Casey & Becky said...

WOW your yard looks amazing! You have worked very hard and it really does show!!!!

Loved the Tulip Festival even if the tulips had not all fully bloomed.

Love ya!!!!