Friday, December 19, 2008

Utah here we come!

Bags packed, presents wrapped, Bow packed all we need is for the weather to get nice. We planned on leaving for Utah today, but the weather here has been so bad. The news said last night that it hasn’t snowed this much in Seattle in almost 18 years. Wow! I woke up yesterday thinking I was already in Utah

Last night the weather got really bad, the roads were like a huge ice skating ring and then it started to dump and disaster hit Seattle. I had dropped Ben off at work that morning because I needed to take the truck in to get some work done. Around 5:00 he called and said to come get him, I jumped in the truck thinking this thing can get anywhere. Next thing I know I am sliding down this big hill by our house and into a ditch I go.  Every time I tried to go anywhere I would fall farther down. I called Ben and the minute I heard his voice I started to cry. I didn’t know what to do and he had no way of getting to me. Our nice neighbor (that I had never meet) saw what had happened, so he ran over said don’t move I will get help. His wife and a few others came to my rescue and got me out. The only bad thing is I couldn’t turn the truck around so I had to reverse all the way back down to my house. Once at the house I checked the truck no damage (thank goodness). I went inside and what do I do? Call my dad he always makes things better. Ben ended up finding a ride, but the road into our neighborhood was closed so he had to walk in about two miles in a suit and dress shoes. What a trooper, by the time he got home he looked like a snowman because he was covered in snow. I am so thankful nothing serious happened and we both made it home safe. Now we are just waiting for ice to melt so we can get out of out neighborhood.

After Ben warmed up he was like a kid begging to go outside and play in the snow. He wanted to take the Ranger out and spin donuts. He was so cute out there laughing so hard. I took a video but it is really dark. He ended up helping three other people out last night they slid into the same ditch as me. Thank goodness for the ranger.

For a City that never get snow, our house sure got snow


t.t. Millers said...

I saw your post on another site and just wanted to drop in and say hello. Have a safe trip! Merry Christmas!

Jen said...

I hope you guys get here safe and sound and are able to enjoy your time here with your family. Have a Merry Christmas!

macdonald's said...

That sounds awful. I'm glad your neighbor was there to help you out. We can't wait to see you guys. I hope you have a safe drive. Merry Christmas!