Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Clam digging!

I just have to start out and say I am one amazing clam digger. Ben, Jordan (Ben’s brother) and I went clam digging and although it was really cold and windy we still had a blast. I was amazing that night I dug up seven out of the nine we got. Ben thought he knew what he was doing and left me to do my own thing. Boy was Ben wrong I was pulling them up left and right. Jordan, you should have stayed with me. J I finally found something I can beat Ben at and have not let him forget it. Here are some pictures from that night. 


Frau said...

Very impressed!

Casey & Becky said...

Wasn't there a certain fishing trip that you completely out fished Ben or maybe it was more than one fishing trip.

You go girl!!!

Love you
Miss you
Mom :)